Our programs help organisations like yours scale the happiness quotient resulting in improved productivity and efficiency. Our solutions are long-term, sustainable & aim at holistic growth of the individual.

  • Know your Workforce : Psychometric Tests for assessment of the problem including common troubles like Depression & Anxiety
  • Remove Judgements : Personalised Journeys based on data recovered from the tests.
  • Build the Trust : Access to 200+ experts, regular well-being sessions & specialised content on a variety of topics.
  • On the the path to minfulness : Track progress on a regular basis with our data driven platform.
  • Stella : The Emotional Virtual Assistant.

Track your organisation’s well being now. Request a free demo. Create a measurable impact with our evidence based programs.


I thought I couldn't talk to anyone so I mustered the courage to make a call. I was so relieved that I wasn't judged. I am looking forward to my next session as she is so easy to talk with.

John Smith

My counselor had an amazing perspective of my situation and helped me change my perspective to feel less anxious.

Anne Malcolm


My name is Stella.
I am your Mental Health virtual assistant

Hi, Stella